Image of a beekeeper holding a bee frame 
Name: Naturally Safe Bee Products
Date(s): 7/25
Time: 1:00p - 3:00p
Ages Allowed: 9 - 99
Learn about beeswax and how it is produced, collected, and rendered, then make your own lotion bars and lip balm from beeswax made by local bees that have been kept chemical free. Caroline Abbott of Abbott Farms - Sustainable Agriculture will provide a free class for families at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum focused on safe bee products. The label “natural” can often mislead buyers into believing all natural and safe ingredients were used. Learn more about how chemicals are threatening the bees and our food supply. Abbott Farms in Otsego is experimenting in several areas, attempting to develop a sustainable system which anyone with a little bit of property can put into practice. They offer products, services, and classes designed to promote sustainable agriculture.  For adults with children ages 9 and up. Adult required to participate with child. 
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